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    Hello! My name is Elyse. My journey with Young Living essential oils started late June 2013. I had already heard of essential oils but my background as an RN made me very skeptical of their benefits... BOY WAS I WRONG! When our youngest daughter was born, she had SEVERE colic! After exhausting all other options I finally broke down and tried Peace and Calming & Lavender on her feet.... Then something AH-MAZING HAPPENED.... she SLEPT! She hadn't slept longer then 1 1/2 hrs consecutively her whole life and after applying the oils to her feet she slept for 4 hours!!! I was ah-struck! What were these oils? This led me down a path of research and discovery that has forever changed the way I think about health and wellness. The Oily Spot website is designed as a resource to share information, testimonies and connect you with people who can help you on your own path to health and wellness! 

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Planting lavender​ at the Farm in Mona, Utah.