Daily Training:


       The daily training is just that. Short, topic specific training videos and documents that will help you grow in network marketing. These training's cover a wide range of topics that include: personal development, lead generation, leadership etc. They are short and to the point allowing you to quickly learn more about a topic and apply it immediately to your business. We will continually be adding information so check back often. These are the same training's offered in the Oily Spot Business Builders group Facebook page.   

        The billionaire, Warren Buffet once said, " The more you learn, the more you earn." You are the most valuable asset you have. Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do to improve your life! Network marketing is a career. Just like any other career there are things you will need to learn and master in order to achieve great success in this industry. This page is dedicated to providing you with a wide array of educational resources designed to help you grow yourself! Some of these resources are primarily focused on personal development while others will address  network marketing specific business topics.

       These resources are designed to help you develop yourself over a period of time. We find that people react two different ways when they see this page. First, some will want to dive in and watch all of these videos ASAP. While we love your enthusiasm we want you to strike a balance between learning and action. Your business will not grow if you aren't taking action so you need to be learning and mastering your skills WHILE you are actively reaching out to people. The second type of person looks at all of these resources and gets overwhelmed. They look at the list and feel like they'll never be able to get through all of this material.... We completely understand BUT remember that Rome wasn't built in a day! Sit down and make a schedule. Budget a certain number of hours per week that you are going to dedicate to improving yourself. It doesn't matter if it takes you a few months to get through all of these materials. The important thing is that you are continually growing!

      Chris Brady is a NY Times best-selling author, speaker, humorist, and businessman. He has made a successful career in motivational speaker and is featured here at a Master Mind event.

      Sarah "Rockin" Robbins was a shy, kindergarten teacher that was close to losing her job because of a recessing economy. She turned to network marketing as an alternative. Since beginning her career in network marketing she has achieved incredible success! She's an incredible coach and mentor and has recently written a book which you will find in our suggested reading. These two videos were created by her to help you "Rock" your business on social media. For more training from her please visit her website or find her on YouTube.  

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--Many of these books can be found in both print and audio book format. Also, if you do a Google search you can often find free PDF versions that you can download as well as audio books posted on YouTube. This list is in no particular order and is by no means comprehensive. There are many more that we can recommend you read but we really feel that reading these books first will provide a HUGE amount of value to your life.

       Below are collection of videos that we've found to be highly educational or motivational. We will continually add to this library and are open to any suggestions that you think would benefit other Oily Spot Community members. Enjoy!

     Holton Buggs is one of the most successful network marketing professionals in history. His monthly income exceeds $1 million! The biggest take away from this video is his pure passion and excitement! This video is from Eric Worre's Go Pro event in 2013. If you're ever in need of some motivation just watch this video again!

Suggested Reading:

#1 - "Think and Grow Rich" - Napoleon Hill

#2 - "How to Build a Network Marketing Business" - Jim Rohn

       **we have the audio for this one below**

#3 - "The Four Year Career" - Richard Bliss Brooks

#4 - "How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Dale Carnegie

#5 - "The Master Key to Riches" - Napoleon Hill

#6 - "How's That Working for You?" - Robert Hollis

       This is an incredible 2 part interview of Tony Robbins done by Eric Worre! Eric Worre asks Tony his thoughts and opinions on our industry and what it takes to succeed. This is a must!!

      Robert Hollis is a legend in the network marketing world. In his last company he built of team of over 750,000 in just a few short years! He's now put together a 21 day mentorship program designed to teach you both the technical and personal development skills required to be a successful entrepreneur in the network marketing world. This video is day 1 from the program. If you would like to learn more about his mentorship program just ask Elyse or Jeremiah.

Here's another great video of Robert Hollis Speaking at Eric Worre's Go Pro event in 2013! This is an absolute must!

Business Builder Resources

Video Library:

#7 - "Rock Your Network Marketing Business" - Sarah Robbins

#8 - "How to Build an Empire" - Brian Carruthers

#9 - "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" - Stephen R. Covey

#10 - "Go PRO!" - Eric Worre

#11 - "Go for No" - Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

#12 - "Beach Money" - Jordan Adler