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The following links are to more advanced books that I've found. I'm a life long learner and have REALLY enjoined these two books! I hope you do too!

​"The Chemistry of Essential Oils made Simple: God's Love Manifest in Molecules" by Dr. David Stewart 


Advanced Essential Oils Learning

This page is for those of you that would like to learn more about the chemistry and science of essential oils! I've included research articles from an a variety of resources including, medical research journals and unbiased, independent researchers.

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We are NOT here to treat. diagnose, claim or cure anyone! We are simply here to educate you and help you take charge of your own personal health! 

 Research articles

The Blood Brain Barrier

​     The "BBB" is a "barrier" that is in place to protect our brains from harmful substances. This barrier only lets in small molecules, thats one of the reasons doctors say chemotherapy doesn't work on brain cancer. There are many conditions today's allopathic medicine isn't suited to treat because it's not able to fully cross the "BBB". This article discusses using therapeutic grade essential oils and how they can help with problems normal medications can't because essential oils are small enough to cross the "BBB"!! This is HUGE!!


ADHD Research Article

      This is a great article highlighting a study completed on ADHD. The researcher wanted to see if essential oils could be used to treat children with this "illness" instead of Ritalin. Vetiver and Cedarwood essential oils had GREAT results!


Essential Oil Anticonvulsant study 

      This is yet another article showing very promising uses for essential oils! The essential oils studies were shown to have anticonvulsant capabilities. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather use an essential oil instead of a pharma drug with a huge list of side effects! ;)



Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils

​      Essential oils have GREAT antimicrobial capabilities! This study utilizes a more direct form of comparison to see which essential oil is best as an antimicrobial agent!


Rain Drop Technique

      As a nurse, I wanted to learn all I could about the makeup of essential oils, why they were so great for us and worked in-tune with our bodies. Here is a brief excert from Dr. Stewarts's book "The Chemistry of Essential Oils made simple." In this article he discusses the raindrop technique and why it is so uniquely poised to get the results we've seen in regard to regeneration of compromised body systems, and positive outcomes with numerous aliments.


Lavender used to help with Colic

      As a mommy for the second time, colic "Rocked our world". This is a great article providing some proof that Lavender essential oil has the possibility to help alliviate colic! Praise Jesus!