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The best bang for your buck!

     When first learning about Young Living essential oils it can kinda be over-whelming because you want to get every oils you could possibly need! So, after getting your starter kit whats the next way to receive the best bang for your buck when building your essential oil medicine cabinet? You want to be able to have what you want, when you need them and all the while being budget friendly! This is a FANTASTIC program! Just make sure you are already a wholesale member-recieving a 24% discount so that you can take advantage of this amazing program.

What Are Essential Rewards? 

*A monthly auto ship with a minimum of 50pv.

* You can change the items you receive each month so that you can gradually build up your medicine cabinet or replace the harmful household/ personal care products.

* You can change the date that you're auto ship will process each month in order to cater it to your family's needs.

*Save with a $6.98 flat rate shipping fee for the first 5 pounds.

*Earn points on each order redeemable for free products!  (based off of a percentage of your order)

*Earn 10% of your order’s product volume in points for the first six consecutive months, 15% for the next six consecutive months, and 20% for 13 consecutive months and thereafter on Essential Rewards.

*There is one grace month per calendar year that you can not have a shipment and still keep your points.- just call customer services ahead of time and let them know you want to skip that month. 

* NO RISK! You can cancel at any time! Hassle free! Just make sure you use any points to have before hand!

​*Access to exclusive discounted Essential Rewards kits (including Thieves, Ningxia Red, A.R.T. and more.)

​* When actively sharing about Young Living's AH-MAZING essential oils with others and having people join your team, its important to purchase 100pv every month in order to be eligable for all of Young Living's amazing compensation and bonuses. Why not be growing your essential rewards bank with points for FREE products?!

The best part? There’s no catch! Seriously. No one’s trying to trick you. You can quit whenever you want, but I’ll put money on you never wanting to quit.

     Recently I placed an order to redeem some of my essential rewards points. I ordered Marjoraum, Palo Santo, Exodus II, and Lavaderm cooling mist spray. The total came out to $102.75. All I had to pay was $10.38 in shipping! How awesome is that?! I like getting $102.75 in product for only $10.38! Now, I know your thinking "well, she had to spend money to earn those points in the first place..." Yes, I did have to spend money to earn those points. However, it's not anymore money then I could have spent at the pharmacy buying OTCs or getting perscriptions trying to fix my ailments. It's actually MUCH LESS. I know some stores have loyalty programs and send out 50cent coupons but I have yet to find a store that STARTS the rebates at 10% and gives you potential to earn 20%! That's huge because I'm not buying my oils AND the products at wallie world... I'm buying my oils INSTEAD OF those products. On average, before learning about Young Living our family was spending $110 a month in OTCs and other natural remedies to handle our health concerns... now we are spending 100pv on essential rewards and we are FAR HEALTHIER then we were and the oils are so versatile! I can use them on our pets and all around the house. In addition, we are earning points towards getting more oils and I'm building up a diverse "oily" medicine cabinet! There is no telling what someone will need and I want to be able to bless my friends and loved ones with essential oils in their time of need.

To Sign Up and Use Essential Rewards:

  • Log on to your account at with your member number and password.

  • Click on “Essential Rewards” in the menu on the left.- look for an orange circle-

  • Follow the instructions to set up your monthly order.

  • Set a date and put that date on your calendar. You want to make any final changes to your order by that date at midnight.

  • Add any products you want to order. Remember to save your order any time you change it. You can tweak it during the month as you run out of items or discover new ones that you need.

  • Make sure your payment method is current so that your order will process on that date each month without delays.

  • Each month after you receive your order, go in to your account and delete any products you won’t want to re-order, put in any items you already know you will want, and enjoy tweaking until your next processing date (remember you have all month to figure out what products/oils you want next).

  • Don’t forget about the monthly promos earned at 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV. These vary every month and are a great way to stock up on FREE oils and products. Yep, that's right... FREE!!!

  • Always check your order before going to bed on your processing date to make sure no items have gone out of stock bringing you below the amount of PV you wanted to order. You have until midnight on the processing date to make changes.

  • Sit back, relax, and wait for what my family fondly refers to as “Best Day of the MONTH!” when you very own Young Living box arrives.

  • Try not to tackle the delivery person. Play it cool until your front door is closed and THEN tear into the box....Don't stock the delivery truck...... They can't deliver your package to you unless you're at your residence....don't ask! ;)

To Redeem Essential Rewards Points:

  • When you log in to your account, look to the right of the page to see your current “Essential Rewards Points Total.”

  • Redeem points (after two months on the program) for items by contacting Live Help through phone, live chat or through "quick order". You place an order just like a normal order but when selecting payment options you click on essential rewards points! Its that easy!!!

  • You can redeem points for any product with a matching price and PV. (Lavender Oil – 23.50 PV – $23.50)

  • The max number of points you can redeem in one month is 350.​

  • You cannot go over your points and pay the difference. Your total must be equal to or less than the points on your account.

  • Points cannot be used to pay for shipping of your order. You can use product credits on your account to pay for your shipping.