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Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser.

Because there are a number of different starter kit options and they change from time to time, I've provided a link to the Young Living web page that contains all the starter kits. Click HERE or on the picture below. 

Any suggestions made on this website are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician. If you are currently on medication, do NOT stop it.

So your ready to order- awesome!


      The next obvious question is, "Where do I start"? Young Living sells around 200 different essential oil "singles" and "blends"! And this doesn't include their health, beauty and general home products... Fortunately, Young Living has created starter kits that include an assortment of the MOST popular "Everyday" oils that we use along with samples of some of their health products and a variety of literature explaining common "Everyday" applications of the products. These kits are an perfect way to get started! Also, as Young Living's way of saying, "Thanks!" the Premium Starter Kit is almost 1/2 the price of buying the contents individually!!  

     There are 2 ways to purchase Young Living essential oils: Retail Customer and Wholesale Member. Retail Customers pay full retail price whereas Wholesale Members get a 24% discount. Here's the best part! The only requirement to becoming a Wholesale Member is purchasing one of the starter kits below!! That's it! Plus, there is NO annual membership fee, no contract and no minimum monthly purchase! The only requirement to maintaining your membership status is you must purchase 50 point value (pv) of product per year. All orders are placed directly with Young Living.