The Oily Spot

Young Living Essential Oils

#2 - Young Living Intro to Essential Oils

         Takes an in depth look at essential oils. Where they come from and the many ways they can be used! It also gives an overview of the oils in the premium starter kit.

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#1 - Young Living Overview

         Provides an overview of Young Living. Looks at Young Living's mission, vision and values. Introduces you to the product lines as well as the educational resources that are available to members.

#3 - Young Living Steps to Success

         Gives simple steps that people can take to achieve financial success with Young Living. Provides and in depth look at the compensation plan and shows you step by step how you can succeed financially with Young Living.

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#4 - Young Living System for Sharing

         Walks you through a simple step by step approach to share Young Living with others. It will show you how to effectively use the tools on this page and the basic steps you should take when introducing people to Young Living.