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metals or petrochemicals will leach into the oil....YUCK! I found ONE company that is SO

COMMITTED to quality that they are all essentially setting the industry standards as they go! Unlike most companies that use clever marketing to overcome their lack of quality.  I want therapeutic grade oils that can help alleviate issues that we are dealing with. Not add

​       Young Living has tested extensively to see what time, temperature and pressure is best for every individual plant. They also test the quality of the essential oil being produced every 15 minutes and then again at the end of distillation. We know eactly what we are getting when we use Young living essential oils! CLICK HERE  to watch the 3rd step in the seed to seal process!

      #3. It seems like there are a lot of steps to producing essential ois. . There are a lot to people involved and a lot of room for "cutting corners". I wanted to find a company that completed the process from start to finish and could prove the quality of their oils by 3rd party authenticity verification, not just their own. We did with YOUNG LIVING! --- You know the best part about being apart of this amazing company?! They are completly OPEN to the public! If you want to visit a farm? GREAT! Go visit one! Wanna see the wear house, testing equipment, and headquarters?! Yep, you can do that too! As a Young Living wholesale member I got to do all of those things and be part apart of the seed to seal process! I had the privelage of planting Lavender at the farm in Mona, Utah! What an amazing company! CLICK HERE to see the final two steps in the seed to seal process!

     When I started out on my essential oil journey I had no preconceived opinion or bias for one company over the other. I did my own research which is what I encourage you to do too! Be an informed consumer. ​

The Oily Spot

      It starts with the soil the plants are grown in.. . .  Is the soil good quality so that it can produce good quality plants? Are there numerous chemicals sprayed on the land/ plants while they are growing? Even by organic standards countless chemicals are used during the growing process. 

-What was I looking for: A company that has great soil to grow their plants in and better than organic standards for their farming practices... Does that exist and is there proof?

Answer: Yes!! Young Living--- Click here to watch the first 2 steps in the seed to seal process

     #2: Are there different techniques and standards for quality when distilling the plants that give us essential oils?

Answer: Yes! They vary GREATLY depending on the company. I found out that each plant has a perfect time to be harvested to be able to produce the best quality oil,. Each plant also has a specific distilling time, temperature and pressure at which they need to be distilled to produce optimal essential oil. In addition, the materials used to to build the holding tanks can have a significant affect on the oils. Medical grade stainless steal is the best product to have the distillery parts made out of. If the containers that come into contact with the essential oils aren't made out of the correct material the heavy 

Why Young Living?


       Let's face it..... There are a lot of companies that sell essential oils and a lot of different places to buy essential oils. The essential oil industry is very under-regulated here in the United States so companies can make whatever claims they want to in order to sell their product. I want to show you why I chose Young Living and what questions to ask when deciding where to get your oils from. 

     #1: Are all oils created equally?- The short answer is no.  There are several different grades of essential oils, ranging from fragrance grade to theraputic grade. If I'm going to buy essential oils for their theraputic benefits I want to make SURE they are what they say they are!